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Ready Mix Concrete Grays

Choosing us for ready mix concrete in Grays ensures you receive a blend of quality, efficiency, and reliability for your construction project. Our concrete is meticulously formulated for strength and durability, suitable for various applications, from residential to commercial projects across Grays. With our precise, state-of-the-art batching technology, we guarantee consistency in every mix, crucial for your project’s structural integrity. The convenience of pre-mixed concrete delivered directly to your site saves time and reduces labor costs, streamlining your construction process. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our flexible scheduling and tailored services, ensuring your project needs are met with. professionalism and expertise

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More than just a concrete supplier

Concrete Suppliers Grays

Selecting us as your concrete supplier in Grays offers a wealth of benefits, essential for the success of your construction projects. Our commitment to providing high-quality concrete tailored to your specific needs is unmatched. We cater to a diverse range of projects, from small residential work to large-scale commercial and industrial constructions, ensuring the concrete we supply is perfectly suited to your requirements for strength and durability.

Utilising advanced batching technology, we guarantee precision and consistency in every batch of concrete we produce for customers in Grays. This level of accuracy is vital for maintaining the structural integrity and longevity of your construction projects. Moreover, our commitment to timely delivery is unwavering. We understand the importance of keeping projects on schedule, and our efficient logistics network ensures prompt and reliable delivery of concrete, helping you avoid costly delays.

Safety and sustainability are core principles in our operations in Grays. We adhere to strict safety standards, ensuring a safe working environment for all involved in your projects. In addition, our environmentally responsible production practices are designed to minimise waste and reduce the ecological impact of your construction activities.

Our deep understanding of the construction landscape enables us to not only supply concrete but also provide valuable insights and advice, ensuring compliance with local standards and best practices.

By choosing us as your concrete supplier in Grays, you gain a partner who is dedicated to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to significantly contribute to the success of your projects through superior products and comprehensive, customised services.

Great Reasons To Choose VMC Ready Mix Concrete

Established Over 15 Years

We are your number one, local concreate expert. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact our help team.

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We are your number one, local concreate expert. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact our help team.

Eco-friendly Operation

We aim to eliminate waste every step of the way and have strict Health & Safety procedures. We also have stringent Ethics & Standards policies.


Concrete Pumping Grays

Opting for our concrete pumping services in Grays ensures efficiency, precision, and quality in your construction project. Our advanced pumping technology allows for the accurate placement of concrete, even in hard-to-reach areas or complex sites, saving time and labor costs. Our experienced team ensures a seamless operation, adapting to your project’s specific requirements. Safety is paramount in our services, with strict protocols in place to protect your site and our team. Furthermore, our approach minimises environmental impact and maximises convenience. By choosing our concrete pumping services in Grays, you’re ensuring a smoother, faster, and more cost-effective construction process, backed by professional expertise and commitment. 
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BSI Kitemark Accredited
After months of preparation, data analysis, and testing, we became an accredited concrete supplier in March 2016 by passing the BSI industry standard audit.
More than just a concrete supplier
Working with many different types of companies throughout Grays

We work with many different companies within the building and construction industry.

Ground workers

VMC Ltd work with various companies that provide ground work services throughout Kent.

Piling contractors

We offer a range of services and solutions for Piling contractors in Kent.

Driveway installers

We work with Driveway installers throughout Kent to supply high quality concrete for their projects.

Road and rail workers

We work with numerous road and rail companies to supply high quality concrete.

Trade and DIY

No job is too small or too big. VMC Ltd work to supply concrete to projects of all sizes.

Volume Metric Concrete
Concrete supplier serving Kent
Since 2006, Volume Metric Concrete has been providing ready-mix concrete delivery, volumetric mixing, screed and concrete pumping at prices you can rely on.

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