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At VMC Concrete in Whitstable, we only provide the finest quality concrete to our customers. With the importance of high quality concrete on construction sites in Whitstable being more prevalent than ever, we bring you fine quality concrete anytime. This includes outside core business hours. We will deliver to your construction site in Whitstable 24 hours a day. This means you’re sure to never be in a situation whereby you run out of concrete and are unable to work, meaning you can keep your construction project in Whitstable running on course. All you need to do is call us or send us an email as we’re always here to give you the best concrete around.
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Ready mix concrete for your project in Whitstable

Whether you’re a domestic client completing DIY work such as shed bases or patios or a commercial construction company in Whitstable, we have concrete for you. Many smaller construction projects tell you in advance how much concrete is needed. Let us know if this is the case and we can cater to that for you, bringing you all the concrete you need to Whitstable pre measured. Not only does that mean less mess for you, it means you don’t have to work as hard measuring everything up. All you need to do is get to work as we’ve done the hard part for you. If you do find yourself short and needing a bit more than you envisaged, all you need to do is call us again to take advantage of our round the clock delivery service and we’ll get some more concrete to you quickly to keep everything running smoothly in Whitstable, with a lower risk of a laborious cleanup.
Great Reasons To Choose VMC Ready Mix Concrete
Established in 2006

We are your number one, local concreate expert. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact our help team.

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We are your number one, local concreate expert. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact our help team.

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We aim to eliminate waste every step of the way and have strict Health & Safety procedures. We also have stringent Ethics & Standards policies.


A wide range of admixtures available in Whitstable

Ready mix concrete is idea for construction projects in Whitstable with tight deadlines and small workforces. As the concrete is so quick to prepare, it frees up time and maximises productivity. We also provide on site mixing services to help with this even further. With delivery to site in Whitstable and all the hard work already done by means of preparation, you can do the important work and make the most of your workforce in Whitstable and meet those tight deadlines.
Concrete screed services are perfect for household construction work such as underfloor heating in Whitstable homes. It can also be used for other types of flooring in the home, giving any a sturdy foundation for years to come. For our Whitstable customers, it’s easy to see that concrete is both a versatile and robust material for those working in the building and construction trade. Whitstable customers have little to worry about by means of maintenance once it is laid.
BSI Kitemark Accredited
After months of preparation, data analysis, and testing, we became an accredited concrete supplier in March 2016 by passing the BSI industry standard audit.
More than just a concrete supplier

Working with many different types of companies throughout Whitstable

At VMC Concrete, we have a huge number of concrete pumps to for our Whitstable customers to choose from. Boomless minipumps and large boompumps are very popular choices. These kinds of pumps are ideal for construction sites with difficult conditions such as rough ground and multiple obstructions that are yet to be removed. Concrete pumps make moving concrete around your construction site in Whitstable quick and easy, meaning you can get on with the important work.
Concrete pumps are suitable for both commercial and domestic construction work in Whitstable. They have revolutionised the way in which people work with concrete, making for far easier than it was as little as 20 years ago. With the new equipment that VMC Concrete has to offer for you in Whitstable, you’ll never want to work without it again.


We work with many different companies within the building and construction industry.

Ground workers

VMC Ltd work with various companies that provide ground work services throughout Kent.

Piling contractors

We offer a range of services and solutions for Piling contractors in Kent.

Driveway installers

We work with Driveway installers throughout Kent to supply high quality concrete for their projects.

Road and rail workers

We work with numerous road and rail companies to supply high quality concrete.

Trade and DIY

No job is too small or too big. VMC Ltd work to supply concrete to projects of all sizes.

Volume Metric Concrete
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Since 2006, Volume Metric Concrete has been providing ready-mix concrete delivery, volumetric mixing, screed and concrete pumping at prices you can rely on.

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